"Children's Circle" Day Care Center
& Family Day Care Provider
1332 Fulton Avenue Bronx, NY 10456

1332 Fulton Day Care Center, Inc.

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Established in 1969,    1332 Fulton Day Care Center Inc. opened it's doors in 1971. Founded by a group of women who saw a connection between their personal need for childcare and that of other struggling parents in the community, "Children's Circle" has served the community diligently through their commitment to excellence, unwavering care for it's staff and children, advancements in supportive programs,  connections to community and so much more. Gloria Alston, Serving as the Chairperson of both 1332 Fulton Day Care Center, Inc. and Bronx Community Planning Board #3, is often proud in exclaiming that, "All over NYC  there are successful adults who got their start in our day cares!" This sponsoring board goes above and beyond to fight for quality child care and to provide it. You think your child is important and we do too. Try us today!

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Community Art Projects by our Summer Camp Students


Exploring, Imaging, & Creating

A classroom environment that is educationally rich


Learning, Unfolding, & Building

Summer Sprinkler Fun


Developing, Revising, & Soaring

"We provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters creativity and development while building a strong foundation of life-long learning for your child."  ~ Gloria Alston, Chair, Bd. of Directors